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Community Involvement

Here at Mercury Consulting, we promote involvement in the community and volunteering for a cause that we align with. We support our staff to develop leadership experience by volunteering with various organizations.

Meagan is regularly involved in volunteering with the Canadian Ski Patrol. She has been volunteering since 2012. She enjoys the work and the connections that she makes. She is now one of the first aid instructors for the specialized advanced first aid course that the new recruits and the regular members have to go through. Through the Canadian Ski Patrol first aid program Meagan is able to volunteer for various summer events.

Meagan also volunteers time for mentoring through the Women in Science and Engineering at UBC's Okanagan Campus. She enjoys mentoring young ladies through their undergraduate schooling, providing an example for a work-life balance, and sharing her experiences for her career path.

The Structural Engineer's Association is also a recipient of volunteer efforts from Meagan. She is Chair of the Okangan Branch and organizes events that support continuing education for the local structural engineering community. One of the more recent events was the Introduction to Masonry Standards that was a great informational session for Structural Engineers and Architects.

Mercury will continue to stay involved with local community organizations and make donations to support their programs.

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